Feed Hungry Children

Many of America’s children are hungry during the weekend when school is in session. These same children are hungry all summer long when… 0

Would You Help A Homeless Child Left On The Street?

What would you do if you saw a small child on the street, homeless and begging for help? Would you stop on the… 0

Baby Moses: The Full Story

We found baby Moses while we were holding a free Medical Camp next to the River Nile on a mission trip in Uganda,… 0

Hungry at School

Would You Help A Hungry Child Left On The Street?

Would You Help A Hungry Child Left On The Street? I had Danielle go up to people and tell them she was hungry… 0

Help Feed Starving Kenya Children

Help feed the starving children of africa. This video is about children from kenya who are in desperate need of food, shelter and… 0

No Hungry Children Promo 2014 – End Child Hunger Today

Did you know that you can feed a child in the slums of Nairobi Kenya for only $1 per week??!! That’s 2 hot… 0


TodaysNetNews – 19 May 2010 – WFP: Port-au-Prince, Haiti – World Food Programmes (WFP) new goodwill ambassador Christina Aguilera participated in school feeding… 0

Feed A Hungry Child

It hasn’t rained enough in parts of Kenya for 28 months. Crops are gone. Cattle are dead. Mothers like Mercy in Emali, in… 0

Hungry Children – 6/15/18

Every day in Haiti, children are being robbed of energy, hope, and even their lives. In this program, missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette… 0

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