City Barbeque & Food Rescue Feed the Hungry

This video about City Barbeque demonstrates how many children and families in need can be fed when caring agencies, food establishments, and citizens work together to achieve one common goal to feed the hungry. Thanks to City Barbeque for partnering with Food Rescue and for demonstrating compassion for people in our community. Donating surplus food results in the hungry being fed, the environment being protected against the harmful gasses rotting food produces in landfills, a tax deduction for the business, and positive feedback from appreciative consumers. There are still restaurants and food establishments that throw away their surplus food instead of donating it, and we would like to show them what they are missing out on. If you would like more information about the fight against food waste, got to FOODRESCUE.NET. if you are looking for any of these terms then this video might be interesting to you:
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