Cold Water Challenge for Feed the Children

I’ve created this page because I was called out by my niece to take the “Cold Water Challenge”. This was a no brainer for me and what an easy and fun way to raise money for the charity that means something to you and your family. So we did this as a family.

I accepted the challenge and as a family we chose Feed The Children at as the charity that we wanted to support. The vision at Feed the Children is to have a world where no child goes to bed hungry! We are blessed to never have experienced childhood hunger and we hope you will join us in having all children go to bed with full stomachs!

So what is the Cold Water Challenge? This is when you have someone pour, spray, dunk you with ICE cold water in the name of your favorite charity. You then call out 5 or more people to accept the Challenge. If they accept the challenge they donate $10 to your charity. If they choose not to take the challenge they donate $100! So my family and I dumped 80 pounds of ice into our pool and all jumped in together in the name of Feed The Children!

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Using the BEST online fundraising platform – Every Day Hero – I made it real easy for you to donate to Feed the Children, just click this link

And don’t forget to make your own fundraising page at

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