Convergence Gathering – Session 04

“Convergence” Gathering
Sep. 19-22 @International House of Prayer Kansas City


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We are living in a critical time of transition. The Lord is calling a generation to prepare for His imminent return. To this end, He is leading the members of His body into an unprecedented unity. We believe His heart is urgently seeking the fulfillment of Jesus’prayer in John 17 in this generation; He desires every tongue, tribe and nation to be a dwelling place for Him.

Convergence is a gathering called by a group of North American Chinese. When they sought the Lord, theLord opened the door of International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) to host this gathering. We believe His heart is for unification; unification of people groups, of East and the West and of the Christian denominations. When we are truly unified, we will have godly authority. The Lord is about to perform His wonders among a group of people who are unified in seekingHis face.

The Lord has used the Chinese to bring spiritual breakthrough to many regions of the world. When breakthrough comes to America we believe it will impact Asia and other parts of the world.

May the Lord find a group of people who seek His face and His will, and prepare His dwelling place on earth. We invite you to be the works of His hands, as we converge to seek His face.

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