Evolution of Saddleback Worship (1980-2020) – feat. Virtual Choir #5

This epic 32-song medley was commissioned by Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church to help celebrate the church’s 40th anniversary this year. Songs and chronology selected by Rick Warren.

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0:01 It’s a Beautiful Morning (Rick Warren)
0:19 Let’s Join Together (Rick Warren)
0:32 Sing About His Love (Rick Warren, Rick Muchow)
0:46 He Who Began A Good Work In You (John Mohr)
1:15 You Are My Rock (Linda Gray)
1:29 God Is The Strength Of My Heart (Eugene Greco)
1:45 He Arose (I Believe In The Resurrection) (Rick Muchow)
2:11 We Are Standing On Holy Ground (Geron Davis)
2:32 The Wonders of God (Rick Muchow)
3:06 Road to Recovery (Rick Muchow)
3:32 I Have A Hope (Jim Firth)
3:52 I Sought The Lord (Rick Warren, Rick Muchow)
4:10 Thank You Lord (Habib Bardowell)
4:33 God Is In Control (Twila Paris)
4:53 He Knows My Name (Tommy Walker)
5:19 I Will Stand With You (Debby Rettino, Ernie Rettino)
5:43 For I Know (Rich Muchow)
6:23 You Are The Way (Rick Muchow)
6:35 I Will Never Be (Geoff Bullock)
7:03 Healing Grace (Rick Muchow)
7:27 Don’t Give Up (Rick Muchow)
7:40 Reach One More (Alva Copeland)
8:05 Everyday (Joel Houston)
8:18 Let The People Praise Him (Troy Kennedy)
8:34 Trust God (Rick Muchow)
8:56 PEACE All Over The World (Alva Copeland, Tony Guerrero)
9:11 I Will Not Be Shaken (Tony Guererro)
9:22 Love Endures (Jacob Sooter, Mike Kopulos,
Tyler Miller)
9:36 Your Word Is Everlasting (Jacob Sooter, Meredith Andrews,
Phil Sanchez, Temree Abajian)
9:53 Matchless (Jacob Sooter, Josh Miller,
Temree Abajian)
10:19 Always Jesus (Josh Miller, Socrates Perez
Temree Abajian)
10:40 We Must Go (Eric Kern, Haven Cody, Josh Miller,
JR Tumanuvao, Mike Kopulos)

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