How To Feed Hungry Children – CFC Sponsorship Program

Feed Hungry Children

How To Feed Hungry Children - Sponsorship Program

If you wish to help us with our Sponsorship Program or Donate to Hungry Children, my friends and the Children in need, will be forever grateful.
please follow the instructions below: (diagram Above)

Click here to SPONSOR or Donate to a hungry Child..

When you are On the page:
Choose: First Time? (new user registration)
Choose: Quick Give (no login required)

To SPONSOR a child, Click on the DROP DOWN button under “MY DONATION“and choose “Haiti Student Sponsorship”.

Enter what AMOUNT you wish to give; HOW you wish to give (credit card, e-check,etc.)

At the upper RIGHT Corner, click the USE CHECK Logo or go here to Donate by e-check.

As you can see, this page is a SECURE site, your information is safe.

Donation Amounts:
$10 USD, $20 USD, $25 USD, $50 USD, $75 USD, $100 USD
Any Amount = $ USD

Thank you for giving to Children who are in need.

All Donations are Tax deductible.

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How To Feed Hungry Children – Sponsorship Program

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