Feed The Children 2015

This week Bobby and Sherry tell four amazing success stories about children that our sponsors have saved through the love of Jesus and LAC Child Sponsorship. Nelson, Miliana, Jackson and Mackenson have all been saved through your donations, and have been given a second chance in life because of your generosity.

Nelson was starving to death in the village of Letant. Miliana was discovered walking through the bushes outside of LaRat with a debilitating skin disease and infection. Jackson was brought down from the mountains, suffering a deadly case of kwashiorkor malnutrition. Mackenson was suffering from an extreme case of kwashiorkor malnutrition that was bloating his skin to the point of splitting.

All four children have been saved by the grace of God and your generous and selfless donations. But there are so many other Haitian children left that need your help! What will your heart guide you to give today?

Twenty-four dollars will sponsor a child for an entire month of food, clothing, and education. What is in your heart to give today?

Call 1-800-645-4868 to donate today, or visit our website at www.loveachild.com to find out how you can help the starving children of Haiti.

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