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Feed the Hungry Poland, End Hunger, Saving Children Foundation FCSR.pl Feed Children Hungry Kids . http://fcsr.pl/ The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility is a network of 90 International corporate CEOs actively working in Poland to affect positive social change through corporate philanthropy. The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility encourages corporations to be Socially Responsible, and to assist them in achieving commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people in need, their communities and the environment. Realizing that the greatest incentive to participating in social good is to participate in social good itself, the Foundation vigorously develops and supports philanthropic activities. Foundation members live up to their responsibilities to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which they do business. we have fed over 4 million hot meals (60,000 per month) to some of Poland’s most needy children.William C. Chasey, PhD, President and CEO The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility is the creation of, and operates under the leadership of Dr. William C. Chasey. Dr. Chasey was a founder of the Cause Marketing concept, and he continues to be a leading proponent of Cause Related Marketing throughout the world. Natalia Marciniak – Operations Director, Member of the Management Board
“Natalie” comes from Kamien Krajenski, a small town near Bydgoszcz. After graduating from high school she decided to go to the United States as a part of a student exchange program. She spent the next 3 years living with an American family in Stamford, Connecticut. For 2 years she was a student at the University Of Connecticut, as a student in the American Language Program in the Center for Continuing Studies. Natalie finished her studies and received certificates in Business English, English as a Second Language, and in Language in the Media.

At the same time Natalie was a psychology student at Norwalk Community College. When she returned to Poland in 2007 she began psychology and management studies at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw and graduated in July 2012. Her greatest interests are Child Psychology, traveling and foreign languages. As a psychologist, she has a special interest in the psychological health of our PromiseKids.



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