Feeding Hungry Children-supporting and donating

Feeding hungry children around the world

Feeding hungry children around the world is a herculean task that is being faced by humanity. From United Nations to NGOs and from individuals to countries, everyone is playing their part to feed hungry children.

It is estimated by UN that one in every nine people around the world is facing hunger i.e. around 795 million people worldwide are facing this catastrophe.

Feeding Hungry Children

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The situation for children has become even worse as one in every six child in developing countries is underweight and one in four is stunted. That was just a glimpse of horrible picture of world filled with hunger as the whole picture of dying children is unspeakable.

Now let’s discuss efforts at different levels that are being made to tackle this chronic issue and why it is necessary that every individual should participate in helping hungry children around the world.

Firstly, the world gathered on the platform of United Nations and decided in 2000 in MDGs to end extreme hunger. The target that was fixed for this goal was to halve the proportion of people, between 1990 and 2015, who suffer from hunger.

This target was achieved well ahead of time and now UN has introduced SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that would be completed by 2030.

The second goal UN has set is to end hunger as right now hunger is the most chronic issue in central Asia and Africa. Only poor nutrition cause nearly half of deaths in children under age 5 i.e. 3.1 million children died each year due to poor nutrition.

Although, whole world is doing collective efforts to help hungry children but it cannot be done unless individual efforts are started.

Everything can be achieved on bigger level if it can be achieved in small level in little portions. This task of feeding hungry children can also be achieved if individuals start to feel their responsibility toward hungry children.

It should be kept in mind that one man can also make a difference in any cause if he is willing to take action rather than ignoring it.

Action can be of different nature, may be one can support the cause by self-participation in events or by participating in field work.

The other way is supporting the cause and donating for it if you cannot ensure your physical presences. The bottom line is that if anyone wants to support the cause he can do so by any mean.

Lastly, taking steps to feed hungry children is morally, ethically and consciously is the right thing to do instead of waiting for the others to do it somehow by their own.

It is because in fight against hunger every step, every help and every support counts a lot. Just imagine that every step that someone takes to eradicate hunger result in a little child sleeping after having a dinner.

In conclusion, feeding hungry children around the world by supporting and donating for this cause is the primary duty of every person and this milestone of ending hunger can only be achieve by humans if all the humanity stand behind this cause.

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