Feeding Hungry Filipino Children

A cheerful welcome to you from Kristina Sunico, a former Give Children Hope sponsored child, in the Philippines.
I want to tell you something about Give Children Hope and what they do that is unique and different from that which other children’s organization do for children here in the Philippines.

For the many hungry and impoverished children here in the Philippines their needs are simple. They all need critical food to survive.

Give Children Hope is the only organization here in the Philippines that I know of that uses sponsors and donor’s funds to provide the critical daily food and school needs of children devastated by hunger and poverty.

I know this because for years I was a sponsored child and a recipient of the generosity and kindness of my sponsors. Now, let me tell you briefly what happened to me before and while I was a Give Children Hope sponsored child.

I belong to a fatherless home with only my mother to sustain the three of us children. She did some sewing work at home but it was a struggle each day just to get us children food enough to eat and to make it through the day. I remember some days were worse than others making life even more difficult for us.

At a tender age of 9, I don’t have any idea how I could help my mother. I would remember saying in my prayers I would ask for someone to help us. Then came Give Children Hope.

The child sponsorship funds I received from my kind sponsor in the U.S. provided me a good breakfast to start my day in school and to pay my school fees so that I could be in school. Unlike most students in the Philippines, now I would never go hungry in school.

Now, with Give Children Hope support I was able to graduate from college on May of this year. I am employed now in the field of my studies.

I continue writing to my previous sponsors and other sponsors in behalf of the children. I continue letting them know how the lives of the children are blessed with their help. And how great a difference their contributions can make in the lives of the children.

Please sponsor a child or donate to Give Children Hope today.


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