Feeding the Poor – 5/17/19

Major drought has resulted in the starvation of children and families in Haiti’s poorest villages. To help feed the poor and give them hope, visit https://loveachild.com/.

Join Love A Child founders and Christian missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette in one of these villages called Petit Desdunes, Haiti, as they host a Feeding Program. Showing Christ’s love, the Love A Child team cooks 12 big pots of life-saving food to help nearly 300 people in poverty survive.

A grandmother, with only one remaining grandson named Peterson, tells how she has buried her only daughter and Peterson’s little brother. She does not know who will be left to bury her if she dies of hunger. Meet, Gladine, a young girl who sells sticks to her neighbors for pennies. This is not enough to help feed her family, and she feeds her siblings mud cookies to ease their hunger. Featuring Nelio Barthelemy, Love A Child’s Haitian Director from this same village.

Because of your loving support, these suffering families are able to eat every month. We want to continue to bring this nutrient-rich food to nourish their bodies and give them the energy to break out of the cycle of desperation. For $16, you can feed 432 starving children. Your gift of $48 provides 1,296 life-giving meals to these precious people in need. With $120, you can send 3,240 meals to children who face starvation each day.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. Love is something you do!

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