FishHawk Martial Arts School Needs Your Help to Feed Hungry Kids

There are over 3,600 Hungry Homeless Students in Hollsborough County Schools Today.

What are you doing about it?

We need your help. Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers has teamed up with kidsPACK, a non-profit organization supported by community leaders, churches, and concerned individuals.

The kidsPACK program is a weekly delivery program that provides a backpack full of necessary food to needy children in the community each Firday. The food that is provided can by prepared by the child with no adult assitance. The food supply is sufficient to cover meals for the weekend when disadvantaged children do not receive meal assistance from their schools, which results in multiple days of starvation.

Sidekicks needs your help. They are currently in great need of fruit cups. Help us fill the food barrel in our lobby with fruit cups as quick as we can for the kids. They need to be plastic ones so that kids are able to open them.

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