Food & Love – 7/27/18

In the village of Old Letant, Haiti, everyone has one thing in common. They all live in extreme poverty (even the children), not knowing when they will eat next. Visit today to learn how you can feed malnourished children in Haiti.

This week, travel with full-time Christian missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette to Old Letant as they conduct a monthly feeding program to feed the starving children and families. Because of loving partners like you, these precious children are receiving the nutrients needed to fight malnutrition and death.

Meet 14-year-old Michelson who, despite having very little to eat, helps his neighbors by plastering their mud huts with clay. This same clay is made into mud cookies for hungry kids in the village to eat to quell their hunger. But the food Love A Child partners give monthly helps them grow, stay alive, and hope.

For a gift of $16, you can provide 432 meals to feed hungry children in need. Please help Love A Child continue to reach out in these hard-to-reach places where life is very difficult.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

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