Although the number of hungry people in the country is at alarming levels, there is a major issue with the amount of food that is wasted annually. 72 billion pounds of food ends up in landfills every year from grocery stores, restaurants, and other suppliers that discard unused food.

Jasmine Crowe saw this issue as an opportunity to help people and start a business. Jasmine is the founder of Goodr, which is a startup focused on eliminating food waste by which is a startup focused on eliminating food waste by recovering surplus food from businesses and redistributing it to people in need.

In episode 99, Jasmine explained the business model of B Corp businesses. B Corp companies are for-profit entities that are designed to balance purpose and profit. She also broke down her mission, explained the food industry’s waste problem and highlighted how we all can change the world while also making money. #foodshortage #companyforgood #goodr #jasminecrowe

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