Hungry Children – 6/15/18

Every day in Haiti, children are being robbed of energy, hope, and even their lives. In this program, missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette host a feeding program to fill the bellies of hungry children in the Voodoo village of Chambrun, Haiti. Meet a little boy named Sonelson, and his siblings Wesckaley, Phelancia, Silvitha, and Jaqueline and hear how they struggle to find water. Visit the village of Truttier, Haiti and listen to the story of a poor Christian mother, Madamn Rosemaire, who has taken in 3 neighbors despite poverty and struggling to feed her 5 children and newborn.

Let your heart be touched with compassion as Sherry tells of all the villages and areas they have discovered where children are dying from starvation in Haiti. And watch as Love A Child blesses a caring grandmother and grandchildren with a delivery of food, new clothes, and a new tarp for shelter, along with a gift of money to start a small business to sustain the family.

You can help feed Haiti’s poorest children and families by visiting

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

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