Mud Cookies

Join full-time Christian missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette, founders of Love A Child, as they travel to a village they have never visited, and take you inside the secretive business of making te, or mud cookies, in Sapaterre, Haiti. The village is the center of production for these cookies that are eaten all over Haiti to quell hunger in starving children.

Bobby and Sherry find a family that has been making and selling these “cookies” for generations, going deep underground where the mud is mined.

Thousands of Haitian children are starving to death right now and “te” is the only thing they can afford to eat. What can you do to help? A gift of $24 will feed a starving family for an entire month. A gift of $1,000 can provide meals for an entire village. To donate nutritious food to feed starving children in Haiti, visit

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. May God richly bless you!

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