Onething 2018 – Session 2

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Onething 2018 Session 2 — Full Live Session


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The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), founded by Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, and twenty full-time intercessory missionaries, has been crying out to God in prayer with worship since September 19, 1999. More:


Following a celebration and call to pray in the overnight hours (what we call the NightWatch)—both in Kansas City and around the world—tonight’s session focused on receiving God’s love anew. “The Father’s love is here and it’s for you; receive it,” said Diane Bickle, after her husband, Mike, and Allen Hood shared about encountering God’s extravagant love. “Do you feel His affection?” she continued. “You are His favorite one. Enjoy being enjoyed by your heavenly Father.”

“This is part of the reset,” Mike said. “God wants us to be intentional about the first commandment, loving God by the power of God.” Although the message is often preached at IHOPKC, all staff (as well as everyone attending Onething or watching online) was invited to sign up again to make the first commandment a priority in life and ministry.

There was a strong anointing of the Lord in the room, and the grace to receive a fresh impartation of God’s love. The unhurried and unpredictable environment made room for various staff members to share encouraging words and prayers of exhortation from the stage. The worship team sang Spirit-inspired choruses and the simple cry of, “Jesus!”

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