Recovering from Addiction and Finding a New Beginning – Eric’s Story

Growing up was difficult for Eric. He had two parents who didn’t like each other. But when they decided to split up, it rocked Eric’s world. Split between two single parent homes, Eric’s supervision disappeared and he began partying and getting into trouble.

The trouble led to addiction and dark times. Living out of his car, using all his money on alcohol and drugs, Eric found himself at rock bottom. Suffering from symptoms of depression, he knew that he needed help, that he couldn’t do this alone. He checked himself into a treatment facility where on the weekend he was introduced to Saddleback Church. After getting released, he decided to check out Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback and kept coming back for more. At Saddleback, he found a community where he could give back and find the support and accountability that he needed to get his life back on track and stay focused on God.

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