Sai Milan Feed the hungry in india

Sai Milan aims to create a hunger-free India .contact – 011-29822322, 32220101

SAIMILAN cooked food for needy people and arranged the food to reach them at their places by vans daily. Our team feed them with love and affection so that they feel themselves needed and part of the society. In India, Large — scale famines, chronic hunger, malnutrition and starvation deaths are widespread. One in every two children remains malnourished, and two in three women are anemic. Many Families in Village, towns and cities continue to battle hunger. These people are essentially from the unorganized sector, such as landless workers and artisans, socially oppressed groups like dalits and advisasis, single women-headed households, persons with disabilities, elderly people without care-givers, migrant workers and urban street children. In many homes, people continue to sleep hungry. In Delhi alone there are homeless people on pavements or in night shelters but who do not have enough to feed themselves. Hungry people in Delhi only get food from outside temple or gurudwaras. The food is a basic human right and an essential part to live with human dignity. The Feed the Hungry initiative Sai Milan ensures to the best of its ability to feed the homeless, poor and hungry people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and gender. Our vans daily provides fresh nutritious food to women, children and the old and aged.
contact – 011-29822322, 32220101

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