Simple Sensations and Kids Against Hunger – 1:1 Giving Campaign

Kids Against Hunger and Simple Sensations have partnered to help feed children in-need throughout 2020. With the purchase of every Simple Sensations meal, Mountain House will donate to Kids Against Hunger to provide a meal. Across the nation Kids Against Hunger MealPack events take place in schools, businesses, civic clubs, churches and beyond. The donations from the Simple Sensations meals will allow the Kids Against Hunger network to package more meals to ship to more areas of need around the world.

“We are proud to be a part of the movement to end childhood hunger. There is no reason children should go hungry in today’s world of constant innovation and connection. Simple Sensations exists to help make the world a better place, one meal at a time. Please join us on this amazing journey.” -Josh Wark, Senior Brand Manager, Simple Sensations/Mountain House.

“In the last two years the Kids Against Hunger network has packaged more than 26,000,000 meals and we are excited the donations from the delicious Simple Sensations meal-on-the-go line will help us feed even more. We are honored Mountain House is joining the fight against hunger alongside us.” – Chris Leader, President, Kids Against Hunger.

Simple Sensations can be purchased at local CVS, Safeway, Bristol Farms, or online at Amazon or

About Simple Sensations:
Mountain House makes each Simple Sensations meal in small batches from scratch, then uses a gentle freeze drying process to preserve freshness and lock in nutrients. Easy to pack, delicious, and with 10-18 grams of protein and fewer than 280 calories per serving, consumers can cook each meal in under 10 minutes by adding hot water directly to the pouch or quickly microwaving in a bowl. For more information about Simple Sensations please visit

About Kids Against Hunger:
The Kids Against Hunger network satellite model engages and empowers people to realize they can make a difference in helping respond to the worldwide problem of hunger and starvation. This strategy also allows the organization to continuously expand its food packaging capacity and volunteer involvement for more people to be a part of the solution. The Kids Against Hunger network has provided millions of meals for children and their families in dozens of countries through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. For more information on how your group can be involved please visit:

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