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Meet the adorable bunnies 🐰 who love to eat 🥕, giggle 🙊 and play: Zoomer Hungry Bunnies! Feed them their paper treats and they’ll happily munch away. Trace more snacks, and they’ll continue to eat! They love to play games and make cute sounds 🎶 as you care for them. Watch for a special confetti surprise! 😯

Nom, nom, nom! Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are the super cute interactive pets who love to eat delicious treats! 🍭 Feed them 80+ included paper snacks like carrots, popsicles and ice cream! 🍦You can also make your own with the treat tracer and a piece of paper and store all their tasty snacks in the picnic basket. When they’re finished eating, Hungry Bunnies love to play their music and tickle games! 🙊 Pet their soft ears and tickle your bunny’s belly to hear adorable giggles. They’ll also make the cutest sounds when you press their nose or pat their head. Continue to feed your Hungry Bunnies until they’ll full and they’ll poop a colorful confetti surprise! 🌈 🎊

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